Hi, and welcome to my website and online portfolio - ConciseUX.co.uk. My name is Boyan Grigorov and I am a passionate UX/UI, Industrial, and Graphic designer who believes in all things CONCISE
Nowadays, we have been overloaded with information, bombarded with advertisements, hijacked by distractions, and surrounded by constant background noise. As a result we have developed short attention span and impatience towards long chunks of new information. Any new message must be quick and precise, and must deliver its key aspects instantly or else we may never hear it. 
This presents a serious challenge to all companies who must ensure that their client communication is transparent and to the point, their advertisements are well curated and highly tailored, and their digital products have fast, intuitive, and almost invisible interface. The companies who successfully achieve this become major players and are highly visible- Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, AirBnB, to name but few. 
As a UX/UI designer, I always strive to create a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world. The interface is only there if it's needed, and the user stays on the same screen for as long as possible. I use click-less design and I always try to give multi-functionality to all objects, which in return reduces the number of screens, pop-ups, and additional pages. In essence, I am an advocate of less is more, but it has to be well balanced and provide all the necessary information that the user needs in a CONCISE and discreet manner. 
I can only share some of my project here, but if you want to find out more about me, please get in touch. 
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