List of useful resources
Design Systems: 
Learn UX: 
Daniel Rosenberg on IxD (video 1) or Daniel Rosenberg on IxD (video 2) a must watch, designed SAP and Oracle
Interaction Design Foundation - IxD Organisation with various resources and training, recommended by Daniel R.
Pix to Em converter - Calculator of px size fonts into Em
Type Scale by Jeremy Church - Generate typography from base line and ratio
Modular Scale Typography - Generate typography from base line and ratio by - Typography tools 
Fluid Typography
Fluid Typography - the new way of working with Typography
Rem vs. EM explained - use both EM and REM (for padding and some headers)
Using EM and REM together - one way to build responsive UI, see the examples
Px or Rem in CSS, Media Query - useful tips for responsive websites, comments section is more valuable
NGINX open-source, as a reverse proxy, QA/UAT SaaS - API, Full Life Cycle API Management Report Now!
NN Group - Leading User Research Agency
Maru Group - Customer Experience (CX), setup client surveys, used by Waitrose - Customer Experience (CX), instant page feedback, used by Shell Energy
UXmatters - UX news and articles
Visual Coding: 
OutSystems - develop enterprise apps, 
Bubble - build AirBnB-like websites, 
Webflow & Wix - advanced web & e-comms

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